.008 – Scavenger Hunt!


Example of the herb seedlings you can buy that are obscenely easy to repot and take care of. Herbs forever!

I was really excited to post a recipe that readers would be able to pick up ingredients for at tomorrows market. Unfortunately, life caught up with me, so I ran out of time to take pictures of the recipe after I polished it up.

Luckily I came up with a plan! Below I’m listing the ingredients you’ll need for the recipe, which I will post on Monday. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I can promise it’s a fun one that’s well worth the wait.

What You’ll Need from the Market:

– Nettles (This could be a little tough. I know Live Free Farm has been harvesting them, and there is another farm stand that was selling them last week. Comment if they’re too hard to find, as I’ll try to find a good link on foraging for nettles in that case. They’re everywhere!)

– Quail Eggs (Mona Hill Farm, and Sugar Mommas both have them. Cracked an Egg will have them as well if they’re in Portsmouth tomorrow.)

– Shallots or Onions

–  Awesome Herbs (I’m using Chocolate Mint from New Roots Farm, and Thai Basil from Aspen Hill Farm which I bought as seedlings and repotted. No matter what get some fun and unusual herbs. Stout Oak Farm always has something cool – this last week they had Oregano at the Exeter Market. Don’t be afraid of seedlings! They’re easy to take care of and get you more bang for your buck.)

– Lacey White Goats Cheese from Hickory Nut Farm – this cheese seriously makes the recipe.

– Potatoes (I got mine from Meadows Mirth Farm. I think I saw them at a lot of stands however.)

– Parsnips, or a big Turnip, or another yummy Root Veg (Farms are selling out their roots cellars from last year, but the produce is still well worth it.)

– Local Honey (You’ll find this all over the place.)

– Raw Cream or Milk (Not sure if I remember seeing this at the market – however I know that you can get it direct from Brandmoore Farm, or buy it from Blue Moon Evolution, or On the Vine. I think even Durham Marketplace is selling it now. If you can’t get raw, don’t worry too much – pasteurized will work in a pinch.)

Other Ingredients You’ll Want in your Pantry:

– Garlic, Butter, Olive Oil, Sherry or Sherry Vinegar, Ground Cloves


So – let the search begin! Let me know if the nettles pose a big problem – I’ll be happy to try and help source them. You can always reach me via email directly at minta@localcourage.com. Have fun at the market and say “hi” to me at Popper’s Artisanal Meat’s Stand! I’ll be there all day.


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