moving and market babies


Daisies on the New Desk

We moved this week.

It’s been exhausting and disorienting. But Thom and I have spent more time together now than we have in perhaps the last two months, and its been great. We’ve made each other smile a lot, even though the move has left us tearing our hair out.

I finally set up my office this afternoon, the sun came out yesterday, and I thought about writing an entry for the blog for the first time since we started to move.


Anachronistic Blogger’s Typewriter

Tomorrow I plan on sharing more recipes. I had some successes with rhubarb that have made me very happy. And can you believe it, no pie yet! But I’ve been stocking up on rhubarb, chopping it into bits and storing it in our new stand alone freezer.

I got my most recent three pounds of rhubarb from Live Free Farm last week, which happened to be my first escape from working and unpacking. It was great. The market was nice, and Thom came with me to shoot a few pictures.


Maddie and Violet at the Live Free Farm Stand

Suffice is to say, Thom only really took pictures of babies last Thursday. It was a sunny, baby kind of market, which seemed fitting with all the seedlings. If you haven’t seen a picture of Live Free’s youngest farmer, Violet, you’re really missing out.


A Mama and Baby at Market

Get ready for more local food recipes starting tomorrow morning, and I hope to see you at Exeter’s market this week!



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      Thanks for the comment Susie! Of course you can save a copy of any pictures of your family and their farm :)

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