a new year

It is well past the new year, and I haven’t written a single post. I have been writing, to a degree, but the blog has left me unsure. I have no strong feelings, one way or another, about exactly what my next step should be.

I have been reading a lot of blogs – David Lebovitz being my personal favorite at this time. They have made me realize I am not entirely sure what I am trying to say right now. At one point, I had a very clear picture of the message I intended to share with people. But I have pulled back, rethought, and feel I need to repurpose.

There are a few thoughts keeping me up at night:

  • Do people even care? I was talking to my boyfriend after he came home from grocery shopping. He told me a long story about how there were apples that were more expensive than all the other apples. The reason given by their sign was a big “made in the USA” label. But on closer inspection, all of the apples in the USA bin had little stickers with the word “CANADA” in bold print. In fact, most of the apples surrounding the falsely labeled apples were from New Hampshire, and were being sold for a much more reasonable price.

“I never would have cared until you started talking about all this stuff.” My                            boyfriend said. That touched me. But it also made me wonder if just maybe I                    have become somewhat of a nag. I’ve pulled back on the blog and in life.

  • Where am I headed? I love writing, and interviewing, but I am starting to realize, I have no ultimate goal. I think perhaps I should. I do know that my main fuel comes from a real belief that “We All Do Better When We All Do Better.” Thom and I found a print of this slogan when we were in Minnesota a few summers ago. We unintentionally planned our vacation the same week as an all night art happening. Whole blocks were shut down just for artists and performers to showcase their crazy stunts. There was a printing press that printed off original letterpress to give away every hour. We went back every hour, all night, for six hours straight. I think we still have most of them.

So I think about all these things, and ultimately what it comes down to is, while I like doing the recipe posts, I believe this blog should be meant to showcase more of the community. We should be supportive of our neighbors, for who else would be there for us when things get hard.

This has really hit home recently since our move. Thom and I are now living in Durham, in a sort of garret apartment, semi attached to the owner occupied house. I was really nervous at first, living so close to the people we rent from. I wanted to like them, and I hoped very much that they would like us.

They remind me of the neighbors I idealize. I am always happy to bring them little gifts, or things that I think they might like. They share with us their extra fresh produce from their CSA, and flowers that might bloom while they’re on vacation.

This is what Local Courage is about. It is about food, because that is what keeps us going. Food brings people together and fills people up with strength and good feelings. But more than food Local Courage is about people. Neighbors who are there for each other, and don’t think twice before generously giving a smile, a bit of their time, or a part of their lives.

So however this new year progresses, that will be the direction of Local Courage. People. Why we should care.

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