brushing off the cobwebs


It has been a while, old friend.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have been hiding from Local Courage. It is hard to put into words, but I know that I haven’t felt particularly courageous. A metaphorical tornado ripped through my life last fall, forcing me to relocate, find new work, and re-think how I was approaching my life.

I got a new home. It is very small, but the landlords are good people, and although Thom and I trip over one another’s things a little more than we would like, it serves its purpose. I have had to learn to be more organized and Thom has had to learn to be a little more tolerant, but slowly we have settled in.

I got a new job. It was not what I was expecting, and asked too much of me. So I got a different new job (or set of new jobs, rather), and now I work for a handful of the sweetest people I could ask for. I feel valued and safe, and although I am making strides as an independent entrepreneur, I feel like I have a series of families surrounding me.

That connection, those “families,” are really important to me at the moment. I have never lived close to family – I have aunts and uncles as far as Alaska, and no closer than Pennsylvania. My parents, as much as they love the Seacoast, have hit their own hardships and have plans to move closer to my dad’s family by the end of the summer. This has not been easy for me. I appreciate all the people who give me reasons to stay on the Seacoast.

I am still developing new perspective. I am writing more, and more and more. I am talking to as many people as I can. I am trying to see the world through the eyes of a helper and a doer, rather than a star or attraction.


My brain has been spinning like a top since November, and although it hasn’t slowed, it has developed a new sort of rhythm that I can use.

I do not want to abandon this blog, it has been a place of hope and reflection for me. It has granted me opportunities that I otherwise could not have asked for. But I do have to pose a question to readers:

Why do you follow Local Courage? What do you like about it? What do you want to see from Local Courage?

Ultimately, Local Courage is not about ME, it is about US. It was always meant to reflect a community from the eyes of one individual. So I need your help. I need to know where that community feels Local Courage fits.


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